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Mainlands I & II is a community of 529 homes situated in South Florida.  This community has been established since approximately 1968.


Our community is situated in Tamarac, Florida.   It is close to the Florida Turnpike, I-95 and the Sawgrass Expressway.   It has become a well known destination to our numerous residents from out of town wishing to get away from the colder climates of the north and to our many full time residents also.


The Board of Directors and staff are here for you.  We sincerely hope you will find time to browse through all the web pages and familiarize yourself with all that is offered.


Mainlands I & II is a much sought after community and you will find the offices open for business Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 AM to Noon with the exception of Wednesdays, the week-ends and holidays.  Please remember that your involvement in your community is significant to its success and growth.


Please do not hesitate to use our contact links to voice your concerns, compliments or criticisms.  This is your community and the participation of all members is what makes Mainlands I & II such a wonderful place to live in.