The following meeting schedule applies to the Mainlands I & II Civic Association, Inc.

Mainlands I & II Civic Association BOARD Meeting (monthly)
When:       2nd Friday of the month
Time:         07:00 pm
Location:  To be Advised (Whether Clubhouse or Admin Building).

Although the schedule of the meetings has been established as mentioned above, it is possible that the dates of some meetings be amended due to the workload in the office at certain times of the month and to reflect the availability of members of the board at some other times of the month.  Members wishing to attend should check with the office, bulletin boards or through the Association web site for any changes.

All association members are welcome to attend.  Per Florida State Statutes, any member may address any agenda item and reasonable time limits may be placed on each member’s participation.

Usually no meeting scheduled during summer unless otherwise specified. (May, June, July, August)

 In order to dispel any ambiguity about the nature of our monthly meetings here’s an overview of the types of meetings we may hold along the year, taken from our by-laws .

Unless being clearly marked otherwise, any monthly meetings are considered as Board meetings.



(E) Annual Meeting:

The annual meeting of Members (Civic Association meeting) for the purpose of electing directors and transacting any other business shall be held once each year at a time and place to be determined by the Board and as is contained in the notice of such meeting.

(F) Special Meetings:

Special meetings of the Members (Special Civic Association meetings) may be called at any time by any Directors, the President, or at the request, in writing, by not less than the Owners of 30 Lots within the Association, or as otherwise provided by law. Such request shall state the purpose of the proposed meeting. Business transacted at all special meetings shall be confined to the subjects stated in the notice of meeting. Notice of any special meeting shall be given by the Secretary, or other officer of the Association, to all of the Members within thirty (30) days after same is duly called, and the meeting shall be held within forty-five (45) days after the same is duly called.



(A) Regular Meetings of the Board:

( 1) Regular meetings of the Board shall be held at least once monthly, at the time and on the day approved by the Board except as may be suspended by the Board during the summer months. Except when suspended for the summer months, at least one monthly meeting of the Board shall be held in the evening on the second Friday of the mon th. The Board may modify this time and day, as necessary, to avoid conflict with a special occasion or holiday or for such other good reason as may be determined by the Board.

(B) Special Board Meetings:

(3) Special Board meetings may be called by the President as he or she may direct or upon written request to the Secretary by a majority of the Board or by the owners of thirty (30) Lots in the Association. Special meetings shall be limited to the subject for which the meeting was called.



All residents welcome