President’s Message


Recently, a very agitated Licensed General Contractor came banging on my door to complain about houses that were being bought by investors and being upgraded without the required Building Department Permits. He was upset, and rightfully so, because he values his good name and reputation and does things according to the laws of our City, County and State. He is offended that he spends so much money in securing his proper licenses, and so much time in keeping up with the education he needs to be prepared for whatever job he undertakes.

You, as a homeowner, should demand nothing less than a licensed professional to do any work in your home. It’s an expensive burden, I agree, but you will either pay now or pay in the future if you try to sell your home and the inspection shows all you did without going through the permitting process. You’ll just have to take on the cost then of paying for the permit, getting an inspection, and remedying anything that wasn’t done up to code because every inspection done for a potential buyer will highlight the same faults.

Sure, it’s wonderful to have a friend or neighbor who can install a new water heater, or rewire your kitchen, or add a new plumbing fixture, but you are putting yourself and your family and the value of your home at risk when you bypass the permitting process. If you want to save some money, pull the permit yourself as the contractor may inflate the price just because he has to go to the Building Department to pick it up or just because he can! It’s a tedious process; but, if money is the problem, that’s one way to save. If your safety is the issue, then clearly you are making a big mistake by not allowing the job to be done properly and you are placing a very small value on yourself and the property you worked so hard to secure.

The contractor placed the burden on the HOA of making sure investors are being honest when they make upgrades to properties but we remain frus-trated, too. We have no say in the way anyone upgrades their home and can only warn that licensed contractors should be used and each project should be completed by having at least three different companies give a quotation. Only then one would know how much a project should cost. Sharing information on jobs well done is so important, especially in a senior community. It is equally important to share when a job has been done poorly. We rely on each other for this information and it makes our community much stronger.

On a happier note… it’s wonderful to see how many are volunteering to help and/or joining in on our events. The January brunch served 564 amazing breakfasts with the help of 41 equally amazing volunteers! The entertainers being brought to us by Brian Beaton have been a huge success and we are looking forward to his future presentations. The Men’s Club is thriving, and the Dinner Dances are never less than “sold out” each month. Since Lise Leduc has taken over decorations in the Clubhouse, that building has never looked better. The Mainlander looks just beautiful in color thanks to editor, Benoît, and photographer, Dave. The Pétanque Courts are overflowing each morning and all seem to be having a great time. Thanks to all who help, and all who participate…

… We couldn’t do it without you!