Condolences sent to:

 The family of Afortunato Colon
 The family of Susan Squires
 The family of Gloria Stroupe
 The family of George Peretik
 Susan Buzzi for the loss of her mother, Yanina Szumiel
 Leticia Wark for the death of her husband Larry who was Tamarac’s first police

 Dan Snell for the death of his sister





Get Well Soon Wishes sent to:



– André Cornet







If you know of a neighbor who is not well, or any who have suffered a loss in their family, please let us know so a special card and acknowledgement can be sent on behalf of all of us. You can notify :

The office at 954-731-3227 or

Pam at 954-733-1088


Pam Bushnell –