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The Mainlander is the monthly newsletter, published for the residents of Sections I & II. It is delivered door to door to homeowners through a team of dedicated volunteers. The newsletter is also available at the office and through the association’s website. Please pick one up when you come to pay your maintenance. The newsletter contains important information about Mainlands Sections I & II, Board and Civic meeting news, a calendar of events, special notices and bulletins, and other pertinent news of importance for the community.

This newsletter is made available to residents of Mainlands I & II, on or before the 1st of each month. It is to be noted that during the summer months there will be one issue for May-June, and July-August. (10 issues per year)

NOTICE: If you are a non-resident property owner, be sure we have your latest e-mail address so you can be made aware of important news and updates that may directly affect the property you own. Be sure to send us your latest information via the “Contact” link above.

We invite you to view the current newsletter in color online.

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In an effort to avoid needless waste of paper, time and energy, If you prefer to read your newsletter on the website and do not care for a hard copy, please call to have your name taken off the list.

For Information please call:

Office – 954-731-3227



Please note that all persons or committees wishing to have articles printed in the MAINLANDER must submit their text and pictures in a timely manner.

Please forward to the office.

DEADLINE: 15th of each month

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Constructive criticism and new ideas welcome!

(Messages may be called in to Office)



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