Welcome… Home!

Dear New Resident(s),


Welcome to the Mainlands of Tamarac Lakes Sections I & II.  As we are sure you know, you have chosen a wonderful community in which to live.  We are proud of Mainlands’ natural beauty and the architecture which surround us; the quality and the choice of facilities available to you; the safety and cleanliness of our streets.


What you may not be aware of is the outstanding sense of community which exits in Mainlands I & II.  The tremendous participation and involvement of our residents is what makes living here so special.  All may part in recreational and cultural activities offered in our grounds.  We have a long history of citizen input through consultations, by-laws and rules as well as other regulations which affect our residents’ daily lives.


Board of Directors meetings to which members are invited are held on the third Saturday of each month at 11:00 a.m.  The schedule may vary from month to month, so we invite you to check our Web site for a complete list of upcoming dates.  You are always welcome to ask questions or just to come and see what goes on.  You should feel free to call or email the office to discuss any issues or make any suggestions.


If there is one message we’d like to leave you with, it is get involved with local leisure activities, with citizens’ committees or with community groups.  That’s how you’ll come to understand what truly makes Mainlands I & II an outstanding place in which to live.





If you haven’t received your “Welcome Packet”
PLEASE come to the office to pick up one today.